Gifts| Graduation Gift for a Gardener

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being gone for so long- a week goes by so fast. This week has been insane & from working full time to voulenteering full time to having my nephew being born, time is VERY limited. So I’m really excited to finally get back to my blog!

Dog picture of the week:

Gift for a garden enthusiast:

I went to my local Target and actually went to the new Joanna Gaines section, Hearth and Hands. They had cute garden gloves that I know my friend would love. In the garden section, I was looking for some garden seeds and stumbled onto this cute Cactus pot & seeds from Buzzy Seeds. The gift comes to about $10, a cute and affordable gift!

What gifts are you guys all making for your graduates? I want to know with your comments below 🙂

I appreciate everyone that supports me and reads my blog. You all make me so excited to blog and motivates me even when it gets super busy!!!

Thanks 🙂

Lisa V.



  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog too. You motivate us to keep going. 🙂 I, too love the Hearth and Hands section. They have too many cute things. Target always gets me. I am sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtful and cute gift.


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