Garden| My Rose Garden

I just began my Rose Garden!



Here is the beginning of adding roses to my room. I went to my local florist & bought a lovely pink rose. Once it starts weeping, I will begin drying the rose petals to start making rose water.


To begin my actual garden outside, I was excited to finally get weather that reached over 60F. it has been literally freezing in Illinois!!!

TO begin my garden, I bought a mini rose planter from Target for three dollars.


It was pretty simple instructions- water the dirt pellets, plant the seeds and wait. Rose plants to thrive just need some water, sunlight and warm weather.

Some Rose plants facts:

  • to increase temperature and moisture, cover with plastic wrap
  • germination: 21 to 30 days
  • plant in your garden or a larger container after the seedlings become 2 to 3 inches

Uses for mini roses:

  • Dry them to use as an edible
  • Sell them for weddings and engagements
  • Make rose water & other skin products


I cannot wait for my roses to fully grow 🙂 I would love to one day to work with flowers, if it as a florist or working with flowers on my cakes.


Thank you for reading




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