Gifts| Send a Greetabl

Hey everyone,

I hope y’all had a great week & there wasn’t any injury during the day of Friday the thirteenth. I was a bit nervous for today because I have ankle problems, but nothing happened – whew.

During my commute, I was really thinking hard what I could talk about today and it hit me- Greetabl. I recently bought my boyfriend one and I absolutely have to say I absolutely loved buying it for him.

To begin, go to Greetabl.

Once you enter Greetabl, sign up for an account.

They will ask you if you want to join Greetabl Insider, a $29 program that would give you free shipping of Greetabl for a year. In addition, you get twenty dollar credit towards your next Greetabl. It is well worth your money 🙂

Create one.

Pick box design.

Here is one of the box designs for Mother’s Day.

I used this box for my bfs birthday.

Pick item.

I usually just stay with Sugarfina, but there are other beautiful items to pick from.

Add photos & addresses. Voilà. Your gift made waaaay easier.

Have you gotten a Greetabl before? What do you usually do as gifts?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time,



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