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This past week has given me spring fever, and with that, one of my favorite things to do during spring is to garden. Usually you want to begin your seedlings now or in April, so that is why I am beginning some of my herbs 🙂 everything else I will begin in April, especially the roses since I need some major heat for that.

The brand I am using is Smith and Hawken from Target. It’s pricy but I thought it would be a cute item to include in my room.

The steps are straight forward and the basil that comes with it is organic. I hope it sprouts in the time being because this week has gotten really cold.

If you want to grow basil and you don’t want to purchase this, I would recommend going to Ménards or a garden center and buying Windowbox Basil or a Lemony kind of basil (this type is soooo good).

I love buying magazines and books about herbs & cooking. The book I am currently reading is Homegrown Herb Garden by Lisa Baker Morgan and Ann McCormick. Here are some tips I got from the book:


  • Basil grows best in warm weather- wait until the ground is 60F or above
  • Basil grows with a lot of moisture and water; if growing inside, buy a greenhouse (small or large)
  • Start harvesting once the plant has reached at least 1 foot
  • Basil goes well with Italian cheeses, several type of nuts & dairy products
  • Sea salt preserves basil; Layer the basil and coat it in sea salt in a seal-proof container & refrigerate


7-14 days

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I just seeded some cinnamon basil, one of my favorites. You might consider compressing your photos for web pages. Those of us who live in rural areas, with limited download capability can’t use up all our allotment downloading blogs with big, slow loading photos. Just a suggestion.


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