Beauty| Anthropologie’s Nail Therapy

Hey everyone,

If you have read any of my other post, you would know I suffer from nail problems. I can’t really take care of them because I’m in the food industry and I can’t wear nail polish because it could potentially get into people’s food. Therefore, I tried health vitamins for my nails and hair, but I keep forgetting the bottle at my boyfriends house. So I needed to try something different- that is where this item came in.

Anthropologie sells this line of body therapy products. I believe they have hair care, skin care and then this nail therapy for four dollars- I was sold.

This packages comes with ten moisturizing nail mask that are suppose to strengthen your nails.

You keep these mini masks on for thirty minutes to an hour. It would be easier to do one hand at a time, but I’m impatient- trust me it’s harder to do both hands at once. After that time, your nails should be repaired and strengthened against brittle and peeling.

I absolutely love this product. It definitely smoothen my brittle nails and moisture my nails and cuticles. I highly recommend it.

Till next time,



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