Gifts| 3 items to treat your doggie

So national pet day was last week and I decided to splurge a bit on my comfort dog that I train. I needed to get her a new bone or bed. I love the gifts I got her so I thought I would share them.

#1 Ellen Degeneres Love plush toy $4.99

Get it at PetSmart.

#2. Nylabone® DuraChew® Double Bone Chew Dog Toy

#3. A nice dog bed

Myra absolutely loved all her gifts. The soft toy was a bad idea though because she rips the crap out of anything with stuffing. The bed has been absolutely amazing. She uses it as her mat all the time and I keep it in her kennel when she goes to bed.

I hoped you enjoy.

– Lisa –

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2 thoughts on “Gifts| 3 items to treat your doggie

  1. I recommend the nylabone for sure! I love going to Walmart and getting the small “binky” toys. Only $2 and my dog Teddy has a blast!


    1. Ohh I wish I can get those. Myra would probably eat that whole. It’s good teddy is a smaller dog!


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