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Hey everyone,

Today’s post is going to be completely different today due to the recent events. The recent shooting has hit everyone and there has been such a vocal call for change- a call for gun control, a call for awareness and a call for our government to step up. Although I do agree with all this, I don’t think people are doing enough. On a daily basis, I see people being ‘labeled’ for their situation and treated like dirt. I see older folks walk into my work and I just see loneliness and hardship. I see people grieving over those who were killed in a preventable situation. I see this daily and I see such a call for help, but that is it. Once called, its like the physical portion of helping others is forgotten. You want to know would help others and prevent situations: volunteering and helping.

With your free time, if you are able, you should be helping your communities soup kitchen or homeless shelter. With your extra money, donate that annoying dollar at the cash register. With your breaks, go to a local pet shelter and pet dogs (that even sounds fun lol). And I’m not saying I am perfect, I am far from it. Instead of taking my nights to go to my local shelter, I am wasting my time watching Hulu. On my weekends, instead of baking for the hungry and local (I have the skill), I’m hanging with my boyfriend. It is ridiculous that you almost feel insensitive to the problems of the world and the only outlet that you think can make change is Facebook. And I’m totally all for voicing on Facebook, but do not forgot that the world need changes and you are the first step for changes. These small changes, if everyone participates, can change our country for the better. Especially if you involve your kids and nieces/nephews to come with you. Volunteering at a young age can teach empathy and the importance of being selfless.

Sorry for my rant & if you read all the way, I applaud you!

Always remember, another way for change is to go out and vote. We choose who will lead this nation and the Congress for change.





  1. Good post! Volunteering your time is the most selfless thing anybody can do. Remember to balance your life accordingly, as every minute spent with family is worth its weight in gold!


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