Lifestyle| 4 Dates for Valentine’s Day

Picking the right date for Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky. That is where I come in; i compiled a list of potential dates you can do with your significant other.

1. Sur La Table

Sur la Table offers cooking or baking classes for the month of Valentines Day. They are Valentine theme & some fall on Valentine’s Day.

2. Take a helicopter ride

If you live by a major city, many offer a helicopter ride over the city. I live nearby Chicago and they have flights for as low as $99. Or step it up further by taking your own flight lessons.

3. A chocolate tour

Okay, I might force my boyfriend to take me on a chocolate tour. It’s a tour of your city, but you are hitting only bakeries and sweet shops. Ummm…. yes.

To find this, go to Groupon and see if there is a local chocolate, cupcake, etc tour 🙂

4. Stay in

  • Play Go-Kart
  • Movie Night
  • Dinner- Dinner in a box
  • Board game
  • Lights out
  • Nerf gun war
  • Buy some nice champagne

Although this is a shortlist, I hope you found something useful.



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