Travel| Buy Your Own Island For 350,000 in Scotland

Okay, this is not a drill, its completely true and real. An owner is selling a Scottish island – the island of Vaila Sound- which is on the west side of the Shetland Isles. The website states its closer to Norway then it is to Scotland.

Picture from Pinterest

Here is the main info you need to know:


The island of Vaila Sound (West side of the Shetland Isles)


Vladi Private Islands

What you get:

Two derelict/ dilapidated cottages; 63.75 acres of untouched land and wildlife

What you can build

A pier, storage shed with reception area, 2 acre Koch’s with water mills, a new cottage, a septic tank, shed roofs for fresh water and solar panels.


250,000 silver pounds, which is 356,650 American dollars (that is the bid minimum)

Picture came from the independent UK newsletter. Picture done by CC by 2.0 Swifant

I wish I had the money for this, but sadly I do no. If you do and want your own island, you should buy it due to the untouched beauty and natural food and water. Just don’t get bitten by any of the wildlife.





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