Travel| Lake Geneva, WI

Lake Geneva is the epitome of a chic small town. Not only do they have small business shops, they have a cute library, ice cream shop and touristic lake. During the summer, you can do about anything- go swimming, get a tan, eat chocolate, read… whatever you desire.

During the winter, it can be a little bit more limited, but the great thing is you can do cozy activities. At my current hotel here, I relaxed in the hot tub while watching the snow fall outside- it was just relaxing to be away from everything.

Here I am first day sitting in my hotel room 🙂

Here are five other things I did in Lake Geneva:

1. Sauna

2. Finally being able to sit down & read

3. Go to the shops

Picture from Pinterest

4. Go ice skating

5. Wine Wednesday/ Any day really

The hotel I am currently staying at right know has half-priced wines on Wednesday. My mom and I will be drinking wine and will listen to live music that the hotel is also offering. (Champagne I am currently drinking prior to Wine Wednesday).

Let’s just say, Lake Geneva is very relaxing to go to. You are getting away from all the hoopla & you are relaxing by going to the hot tub, sauna and spa. If you can’t make it to Lake Geneva, find your own local small town, get a hotel room & find activities that will make you relaxed & cozy.

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