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Today I have been looking at my dream internship- Laduree. An innovator of artistic and tasty baking, Laduree is a French company that is known for their macaron. I would say it is pretty hard- maybe even impossible- to get an internship their- especially for an American. I don’t even know if they accept someone from America or has ever even accepted someone from this country, but it is my dream. A dream I take pretty serious and is even on my five year plan; which ends with my own French-inspired bakery. Now I do not want to take this whole post talking about me because lets get real, you want to know how you can help yourself be inspired and to be pushed everyday to achieve your dream. It’s hard, but if you implement some of my advice, I can promise you will be motivated everyday to achieve it.

#1 Set a Five Year Plan

A five year plan isn’t set in stone, but it can help you figure what you want your end goal to be. A five year plan can help you figure how much you need to save (Culinary school, Trading school, photo classes, etc) and the steps you need to take to achieve your dream.

#2 Weekly Schedule

Plan every week and every day to make sure you are on schedule. For my weekly planning, I task my to-do list for the whole week and my timely schedule. For my daily planning, I count how much water I drink, how much sleep I obtained and what I ate. It allows me to see what I need to eat the next day and how much sleep I should get.

#3 Use pictures around you

Like I said, my dream internship would be at Laduree; so I have my desktop as this (found this on pinterest):

I look at my desktop first thing in the morning due to emails. Therefore, I am looking at my dream job every morning- it pushes me every morning to get up and do my job everyday.

There are other things you can do- watch motivational videos, make a career board or happiness board, read business books, etc. In the end, the main motivation is your dream and you are the only one able to achieve that dream. I hope you do it 🙂

– Lisa –


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