Gifts| Champagne Sampler

Champagne is the best thing in this world- so why not give it as a gift. There are several different kinds- cheap champagne (Andre), sparkling wine, brut, extra brut, rose, dry, extra dry, etc. Therefore, it is easy to find several champagnes to make different champagne samplers. You can do a cheap champagne samples, expensive sampler or mini champagne bottle sampler. The mini sampler is my favorite because it is still affordable and it’s extremely cute 🙂

Mini champagne bottles are sold at beverage depots such as Binnys. I recently went there and I got two mini fancy bottles.

Binnys sells around 10 to 15 mini bottles of champagne and has the regular 750 mL bottles right next to them. They ranged from $2.99 to $11.99 for 187 mL bottles.

I love the Chandon packaging!

For packaging, you can use little boxes, wooden crates or regular gift bags. You can grab all these from Hobby Lobby.

Another champagne idea is the Andre sampler pack. They all usually cost $5.99 and there are several different types. Andre is usually found in every grocery store.

Andre can go on sale sometimes for $4.99. Look for it in the Sunday papers 🙂

If you have a Binnys near you, access their website here. They are having a Saturday coupon (today) that is good for 15% off wine, cigar, and beer. That is a deal you cannot miss!

Thanks for reading,

– Lisa –


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