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Motivational Tuesday will be a new segment on my blog discussing the things that are motivation me or helping me this month. Obviously, it will occur every month on whatever Tuesday I choose. I chose Tuesday because that always seems to be the hardest day for me out of the week. Mondays I always kind of enjoy because work can be kind of fun (I dont know how many people would agree me with this statement). Therefore, I chose Tuesday; I hope in some way this blog post will inspire you to make the most out of this month.

A- Olly Melatonin Restful Sleep: Olly melatonin helps its clients fall asleep faster. It doesn’t really help with restless sleeping, but if your sleeping problem is not falling asleep, this is your product. It has helped me fall asleep these last few weeks.

B- Suja Organic Kombucha Tea: This is sooo delicious and after having one, it was like a burst of energy. I don’t know if that was a placebo effect, but it worked!

C- Target Dollar Spot Pens- Not only these pens are motivational, they are super cute and super worth it. I love using them for my new planner.

D- Lemon Water: I drink lemon water everyday and it is a great detox for your skin and your system.

E- From Pinterest| “Life is waking up an hour early to live an hour more.” This quote has been pushing me all month to wake up at 6:30. If you wake up one hour early to work, you have more time to do more work, school homework, etc.

F- From Pinterest| “Always Dress Like You’re Going to See Your Worst Enemy” – Kimora Lee

G- Kate Spade Coin Purse: I bought this new wallet to help me to stay more organized and help save some money hopefully. It’s also super cute!

H- Smartwater is always my choice of water because it hydrates me after a long workout. It also is my choice of beverage when I do long periods of reading.

I- The “Me Too” movement. Can I say “woot woot.” I love how there is a focus on sexual harassment in the workplace! Men should be shamed for their actions, especially if it is surrounding any sexual misconduct. This should not be happening anymore- women have the intelligence and the grace to be everything- hopefully even the president of the United States one day. So bravo Hollywood for doing something that means so much to many women in this world. You are setting a great example.

J- Target File folders: They have been super helpful organizing my finances and my health certifications so I can do farmer’s markets. Bonus: they are really cute like all the other dollar spot products.

All these things have helped me and motivated me this whole month. If i can recommend an item, I would recommend a file folder. It has allowed me to put all my taxes and receipts in one area of the room. IT makes me feel just a bit more organized 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!

– Lisa –



  1. Monday’s have always been clouded for being the worst day of the week for only one reason and that is the start of a new week. Most people don’t want to go back to work after an enjoyable day or days off. This can conclude that Monday’s have nothing to really do with work which means we are still in vacation mode from our weekend off. In addition to this has anyone ever tried a rotating schedule?

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