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I do love getting up and having a fresh start most of the days, but there are some days that are just blahhh. Such as a day today; I didn’t get up until 10 AM- which is kind of unusual. I feel like the morning has already past & there is really nothing better to do. So while I was getting up, I started brainstorming why I should get up today– I wanted to find reasons to motivate myself. SO I came up with this list & thought of making this a blog post. I hope you enjoy 🙂

1. Drink Quality Coffee

Drinking Folger’s coffee does not really motivate me for the day. So I went to Starbucks today & got my usual- medium black coffee with some cream. I also got myself a protein box for lunch because the food energizes me for the rest of the day. Something small like this motivates me for the rest of the day.

2. Be Thankful

On an episode of Family Feud, Steve Harvey mentioned how every morning he gets ready in the morning by praying to God for all that is given to him. Even if your not religious, making a list every morning about what your thankful for gives you a sense of fulfillment and motivation to make the most out of the day. I know I haven’t been doing this as much, but I want to start doing it. That & maybe the rosary everyday (for some reason the rosary is so hard to do).

3. Remind yourself everyday counts

Wake up everyday being excited to wake up. Think about all you can do, all you can achieve in just a single day. Missing one day might seem insignificant, but in the realm of things, if you keep missing days, it can accumulate to weeks of unpotential. Think about what you can achieve in those miss days. You can learn a new language, learn how to code, redo your whole kitchen, help someone in need, jumpstart your business, etc. Everyday is a new day for potential and growth. For me, it means pushing my career in baking and online retail. It means being closer everyday to my dream. I want to know what your aspirations are and what your dreams are. I want to know how one day of doing nothing can affect those dreams. Let me know below 🙂

4. Start an inspirational playlist

Make an inspirational playlist and listen to it every morning. Their are certain songs that just makes me so happy and so motivated in the morning. Once you figure out that list, listen to it everyday! If a song gets old, keep changing your inspirational list. It can be endless.

Here is a part of my list:

  1. La vie de rose- Louis Armstrong/ Edith Piaf
  2. Ma Direction- Sexton d’Assaut
  3. Meurtre par Strangulation- Maitre Gims
  4. Ta fete- Stromae
  5. Rockstar- Post Malone
  6. Echame la Culpa- Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato

Sorry my tablet has no Spanish or French accent marks 😦

I hope these tips help. If this doesn’t inspire you, listen to motivational videos on Youtube. There are a plethora of these videos out there and most of them are good.

Thank you for reading 🙂

– Lisa –


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