Gift| #3: Four Ways to Donate During the Holidays

Hey everyone.

It is day three of Christmas Gift Giving (sorry I missed yesterday). The third idea is something close to my heart. I truly believe Christmas is suppose to be completely for giving to others. I don’t just mean for your family or love ones, but to those who are especially suffering. There are many people in this country that cannot even afford to give their kids gifts- so I encourage to utilize one of these four ideas on this list to help others and give someone or a creature a great Christmas or holiday season.

1. Donations through your church or any big organization

Every year my church has little ornaments in their Narthex. This year I finally grabbed one and it happened to be a donation to a foster mom who needed a gift card to buy gifts for their new foster kid. After buying it, not only am I helping that person, but there also a sense of tranquility and happiness that I am able to financially help someone else.

2. Food Bags

If you live in a city, I think the hardest view to become numb to is the number of homeless citizens. I don’t usually like to fit anyone into one group, but many of these people don’t have much- family, money or food. Therefore, for the holiday season, you can give food bags. Food bags usually consist of: lunch bags, ham & cheese sandwiches, feminine hygiene products, small water bottle, tissues, pretzels and a positive letter. You can customize a food bag anyway you please!

3. Donating to CHARITIES

Many charities throughout the United States are in need of money, especially since the winter can be hard for many people and animals. A cute gift to always do for Christmas is to donate money in people’s name and writing them a card about how the money will impact that organization. One organization that is close to my heart is my brothers. Here is an excerpt of what there charity does and how you can help:

The grant that covered all expenses for providing Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return services in Vermilion County for feral cats has expired. Our small program, the Community Cat Alliance (CCA), which is run through the Humane Society of Danville, is unable to afford the costs on our own.In the last 12 months, we have provided TNVR services for nearly 200 cats and 25 colonies in Vermilion County. Now that the grant has expired, we can no longer provide this life-saving work. That is why we desperately need your help. We have an incredible group of volunteers. They dedicate several hours each week to help all community cats. They work full-time jobs, have families; yet find the time each week to continue helping these cats. Because of our dedicated volunteers, every single dollar we receive from this fundraiser goes directly to the cats.

Go to this website to donate:

Cat Crisis in Vermillion County

4. Shop Christmas Gifts at Salvation Army or Goodwill

Many of these second hand stores provide care and jobs for those in needs. My favorite has to be Salvation Army, just because they always have a huge toy donation every Christmas and they provide so much help for people in this country. If you are not able to shop at either place, remember just donating change to Salvation Army helps their cause so much!

If you have any more ideas about Christmas Charity, please comment below!

Thank you for reading & I hope you donate this Christmas- it is the season of giving!



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