Gift| #2: Cake Pops 

Hey everyone.

Welcome back for the second day of diy gift idea- cake pops. This one is a bit small and can be used as classroom gifts, family gifts, etc.


  • Cake pop machine
  • 1/2 cake mix or any cake recipe halved
  • Candy melts- any color
  • Styrofoam
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Lollipop bags
  • Ties
  • Tags
  • Baker twine

To make cake pops, I think the easiest way is to just buy a cake pop machine.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about 15.00 (originally 25, but I used the online 40% coupon). It was so worth it!!

I made red velvet cake batter and poured it into the machine. It only took four minutes to bake! Tip: using a pastry bag and a number three Wilton tip makes it a lot easier to put the batter into the machine.

After it finishes baking, freeze or refrigerate the cake holes so it will be cooled. Dip the stick you will be using into the frosting or melts of your choosing. Insert it into the cake hole and refrigerate for five minutes. After taking them out, dip the cake pops in melts of your choosing and insert them on a styrofoam pad. Refrigerate for at least 5 minutes. They should be ready 🙂

After refrigerated, insert your cake pop into a lollipop bag and twisty tie the bag.

Add a pre-bought tag or make your own tags with a tag cutout and tie them around the cake pop with baker twine. The tag can say anything that your heart desires.

A fun and tasty gift you can give to everyone you love!

Hope you enjoyed this diy gift. Come back tomorrow for more 🙂



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