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Hey guys!

Thought I would do a positive post after everything that has happened this week. Here are just tips and quotes that I utilize and I’m motivated by.

A. If you are having a bad day, realize that “winners are losers who got back up.”

B. Always have a morning schedule. It motivates you to wake up & have a normal schedule.

 C. Drink water right when you wake up and throughout the day! This will make you energized throughout the day.

4. Always encourage others. Never gossip about others and look at their positives. If they are a good mom, mention it. If they are always in style, mention it. You will make everyones day and in the end, if your positive, you will be happy.

5. Candy is always the answer!

6. For future entrepreneurs, read these two books. They have inspired me so much to keep continuing to establish a business.

7. – Send your bestie snail mail –

Send them: stickers, washi tape, notebooks, etc. It will motivate them to work harder and to have inspiration to do their homework.

8. Make sure to always love yourself. You are your biggest supporter and role model. According to Cara Leyba, if you need inspiration, find it in yourself. You have so much inspiration that you can look for.

9. Light a candle & relax! You deserve it.

Hoped you enjoyed!

Thank you for reading,



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