Giveaway| Sugarfina

I finally found a Sugarfina store! I have always wanted to try this candy because it just looks super tasty. I actually bought three boxes, each priced around $8.00. I know it’s pretty pricy, but for me, this is my treat. wp-image-745476148

I currently am eating the baby rose bears and I’m pretty happy with my purchase. They are super tiny!


I gave away my champagne ones to my sister-in-law who just announced that she was pregnant. I love these treats because they are non-alcoholic. The last one I decided to make a giveaway on my blog.

Please post your favorite candy & I will choose randomly the winner. This giveaway will be from 9/19/2017 to 10/01/2017 and you do not have to be a follower! I will alert the winner & I will announce the winner on 09/26/2017 (probably during the morning). So please stay tuned 🙂

Here is the prize:


Thanks for reading!




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