Bake| French Macarons

Hi everyone! Today I want to teach everyone how to make delicious French macarons. Macarons are a hard dessert to master, but I’m hoping through my trial & error I can help you achieve those perfect shells :).

Ingredients for French Macarons:

  • Almond Flour                     110 grams               1 1/2 C
  • Icing sugar                           212 grams               2 1/3 C
  • Egg white                             100 grams                3 Large Eggs
  • Sugar                                     50 grams                  1/2 Cup

Side note: I have tried making macarons by using cup measurements, but I have always messed up that way. I recommend weighing your ingredients because it gives you the exact amount & the shells seem to always work.


  1. Measure out the Almond Flour & sift it into a medium-size mixing bowl. Next, measure out the icing sugar & mix the sugar into the flour. To get rid of the clumps, whisk the mixture together until clumps are gone.
  • If you have never used a baking weight machine, it’s very simple. Make sure your in the units you want (this recipe calls for grams) and put a bowl on the machine. To get rid of the bowl weight, hit tare and it will become 0 grams. You can then weigh your ingredients, such as the almond flour.
  • You don’t have to sift the almond flour; I just find it easier to do so.

2. Measure your egg whites and put them in a different mixing bowl. Using either a Kitchen aid or a hand mixture, whisk until the egg whites foams.


3. Once foamy, add the sugar gradually. I recommend, if using a Kitchenaid, to be on speed four.


4. Whisk the mixture until white & glossy & it forms stick peaks when you take out the whisk.

Side note: This is the stage where you can add your food coloring- remember the coloring will change once the flour is added to the egg&sugar mixture.

5. Using the fold in technique, add the flour mixture gradually & mix in using a rubber spatula.

See the color difference from a tiffany blue to a sea green!

6. Using a pastry bag & tip (I believe I used a Wilton #5) pipe the batter into the pastry bag.


7. Grab a half-baking sheet & parchment paper- or a silicone macaron mat- and start piping the batter. If using parchment paper, pipe about 1.5 inch circles & have them be about an inch away from each other. IF using a silicone mat, just fill the already made circles.


Some of mine are a bit messy 🙂

8. Macarons are a long process. After this step is done, wait about 45 minutes to an hour for the skin to develop. You will know it’s done when it isn’t sticky by touching it .


9. While waiting, preheat your oven to 350F. Once you put the macarons in, decrease it to 325F and bake for 8 to 12 minutes. Take out them out & wait for them to cool!


Sadly, mine came out a bit burnt because I had them on the top shelf. You can either put them on the top of middle shelf.

Ingredients for the frosting:

There are several different fillings you can use. IT can be chocolate ganache, Nutella, jam, etc. This is my favorite one actually- I got it from Sprinkles for Breakfast.

  • 1/2 C unsalted butter
  • 1 3/4 C icing sugar
  • 2 teaspoon pink moscato champagne (you can substitute this for vanilla or any other extract)
  • 1/4 tsp. salt

Cream the butter until its soft & creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until smooth. Pipe the batter in another pastry bag & find two macaron shells that are the same size. Pipe a dollop of filling on one side & put them together.

Voila! You have delicious macarons!




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