Travel|Chicago Botanical Gardens

Hello everyone 🙂

I wanted to tell everyone about my favorite place in Chicago- the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Its free to enter, but there is a $20 fee to park if you live in Cook County. Although, I’m pretty cheap and I park by the nearby train station (about .7 miles away) & I only pay $2.00 instead & I walk in using the pedestrian walkway.

I love the gardens because it is simply gorgeous & cheap. When you enter the gardens, the entryway turns into a huge landscape with a focus on aquatic landscape. Within the aquatic landscape, they have a beautiful fountain that houses these huge carps that the children are always fascinated over.


From there, you can go to the Rose Gardens, the Japanese Gardens & the English- Walled Gardens. There are way more gardens, but these are the most popular in my opinion.


“An ancient legend tells that evil spirits move only in straight lines and cannot follow those who cross this zigzag bridge.”



If you ever come to Chicago or live in the area, please check out the gardens. You will not regret it 🙂  I hope these limited photos displayed the beauty inside the garden!

Lisa 🙂



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