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Hello everyone!
So I was kind of messing around today and I made several quote screensavers. I thought I would share it with everybody- even though they’re not that good- and I want to inform my readers about some other cool ventures.





I really just wanted to share to my readers about this savings-app: Ibotta. Ibotta is an app where you can upload your receipts and if there happens to be an item listed, you get money back. Right now there is a promotion going on. If you get referred by a friend or a blogger (wink, wink) and use their referral code and get a rebate back, you get $10 and your referral gets $5 dollars. If you want to  download the app, you can use my referral code: 49uefg (or ask friends if you want them to get the $5 back). 


I have many Yoobi products that I would love to give away. I need to figure out the logistics of giveaways on WordPress, and I will set one up. I have many products so please stay updated if you want any!

Here is one of the several products that I have: Mini School Supply in Pink, Blue & Aqua.

If your interested in Yoobi products, I’m thinking of making a few school boxes to sell! Maybe I will give them away for giveaways too. Just comment below if you’re interested 🙂


Thank you for reading 🙂