Review|Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart

Hey everyone! I hope y’all had a great week.

Today I wanted to review Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart- a book based on the beauty value of nutritional food. This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for awhile and I finally had the chance to read it. I’m actually kind of upset that I didn’t pick it up any sooner; it gave me such great tips on my beauty issues and digestive issues. This might sound stupid, but it actually opened up my eyes about what I am putting in body and I will say I am completing destroying my body.


My eating habits are not that horrendous, but I do love my Diet Coke- one of the worst things you can be putting in your body. I really need to motivate myself to cut off diet coke and I really have to implement more healthy foods- raw veggies, millet, fruits, etcetera. Hart discussed if you can slowly cut back and implement many of these foods,  you can just see in three days a “brighter, more youthful complex,” and in just a month you can “develop better color, tone, clarity and overall radiance.” Not only is your body going to have more energy and fuel, your skin and complexion will make you look flawless and healthy. I’m talking true beauty- no bags under the eyes, no bloodshot eyes from too much coffee or no dry acne-prone skin.

You’re probably asking: how can I do this? What should I eat? Hart outlined in this book what is the best foods to purchase and eat in each season. Due to it being summer, I only read the summer chapter which emphasized many foods that correlated with skin care, hydration and detoxification. Some fruits that I will implement more in my diet are: apricots (natural laxatives), cherries (natural melatonin for nights I cannot sleep), pineapple (helps with digestion & bloating) and raspberries (contains biotin- good for hair and nails).

She even included recipes for each season and here is one of them:


If you have any beauty issues and do not want to purchase the book, please comment below and I will list the foods that you should add to your diet.

Lastly, here is some interesting & beneficial facts I learned from this book:

  • “We switch our genes on and off with out diet- as much as 80%” (chapter 1)
  • Take B6 to help regulate sleep and mood
  • Take B12 for energy and maintenance of your nervous function
  • Bee Pollen is a great source of protein and helps regulate digestion and energy. I see and hear many celebrities using bee pollen in smoothies and using it as a topping on yogurt.
  • Chia seeds are a great source of protein, calcium and fiber
  • Emphasize your digestion- constipation and bowel problems ‘sludges’ your system
  • Coriander helps with IBS problems- cramps, bloating, etc.
  • According to Hart, one study has shown that walking in nature can lower your cortisol levels (stress) by 124%.
  • Sleep the mandatory 8 hrs.- you will gain weight if you only sleep 6 hours a night.
  • Things to do before going to bed: journaling in a notebook (no electronics), meditating, drinking chamomile tea (read the benefits in my prior post) or stretching.

Thanks for reading & I hope this helps. Please purchase this book- your health will thank you 🙂

Lisa V.

Can purchase the book for $8.66 on Amazon: here



  1. Wonderful advice, Lisa! Summer is a great time to start thinking about healthier options. Thank you for sharing that delicious gluten-free recipe! I am curious if this author discusses anything regarding a gluten-free diet? Please share any recipes or tips if you can, or maybe even blog about it! Thank you!

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    1. I will post more recipes she states, but do have any beauty issues that you need to solve. She argues that food and healthy eating can be key to getting rid of our beauty troubles


  2. Love some of the tips – always need a good reminder to eat well, sleep well, and no ‘scrolling’ before sleep. It helps me feel energized and awake the next day!


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