I’m just so excited because I was finally able to obtain chamomile seeds; I always wanted to plant this herb, but I always either forget or cannot find it at the store I shop at.

20170810_160015I was so excited to write this blog post because not only could I share how to plant this very easy herb, but I can inform all my readers the benefits and versatility that chamomile actually offers.

Here is Day 1 of planting:

Day 25

*I will continue to update every 2 weeks on the plant.

Germination: 14-21 days               Harvest: 120 days; harvest the flower not the leaves

Depth to plant: .25 inch                 Plant: May- June (planting really late- so will see)

Supplies: Pot (I use a blue mason jar), organic soil, chamomile seeds & a cute watering can

Benefits to Chamomile

  • According to the Healing Herbs, chamomile can be used for teething babies: “You can soak a washcloth in chamomile tea and freeze it.”
  • Helps anxiety
  • Can heal an upset stomach
  • Also according to Healing Herbs, chamomile can ease and calm down irritated tissues (external and internal).
  • According to Sandi Salina in her fascinating article, “Chamomile Calming Properties May Be Real,” there are scientific studies that have shown that chamomile benefits people with moderate anxiety and depression. There symptoms had been curb by taking supplements based on the chemicals of the chamomile plant.
  • Although, there is still no scientific proof to show if already packaged chamomile tea has the same benefits— therefore, grow your own chamomile to have the highest effect.

Thank you for the read & stay updated,




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