Health |Exercise for the Lazy

After high school, I realize the hardest aspect of life to maintain was exercise. In the state of Illinois, physical education is a requirement in school- only a few states require P.E. as part of the curriculum. The implementation of exercise in this school setting allows students to exercise on a daily basis. Well now, not so much. You’re not forced to do anything, except to eat junk food due to the cheapness of the price. There is a reason why there is something called the Freshman 15… well in my case the Freshman 25. So to my lazy followers, here are four ways to stay in shape and not gain 25 pounds

  #1: HIKING 

            Hiking is my favorite activity by far. Not only are you sweating thousands of calo20170805_103045ries, the scenery makes hikes magical. Recently I hiked seven miles at Devils Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Although the name alone might be scary, Devils Lake is a wild beauty that often attracts thousands of campers and hikers. It’s not a tough hike at all, but there are points where the uphill is a major thigh workout. In the end, if you hate exercising and are in decent shape, go hiking by your nearby national or state park.

#2: Television & Exercise

            IF you absolutely hate the outdoors, hate leaving the house and love binge-watching Netflix, this exercise is for you. Find a television show that you enjoy, and list words that’s are used frequently and correlate it with an exercise. For example, if you watch the Office and if Jim talks to Pam at the front desk, you have to do five sit ups (this is something I guessed- I don’t really watch the Office.)

Another idea is to have a set schedule and do it five times out of the week. That can be 50 sits up or even just 10 push ups everyday. Just have a set schedule and up the reps every week. Picture1

#3: Walking

This option is more self evident- walk everywhere and do not drive if possible. In school, instead of taking the bus, walk that mile +. If you are not in school, take walks around the block or walk around every 20 minutes during work. Your body would thank you later.

#4: Gym Membership

This is a pricy option, but many gyms offer low monthly rates to attend their gyms. Planet Fitness and X-Sport cost around 8.99/ per month if you get the cheapest plans. Although there is a cost, these gyms offer many workout routines, personal trainers, free access to lockers, etcetera. I’m also inspired by the people who attend these gyms- they motivate you to push yourself.

I hope you choose one of these options. Exercise benefits the body in so many ways. According to Times Magazine, exercise is great for: your brain (studies show a decrease in depression and an increase in better memory), an increase in happiness, an increase in your lifespan, an increase in skin health, an improvement in illness and a decrease in fat cells. If you want more information on these benefits, check out: Times website.

Thanks for reading,Lisa.


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